About Us

Character. Intellect. Leadership.

Located in Axton, VA, Carlisle School sets the standard in our region for excellence in education. We provide a nurturing yet challenging learning environment where children will grow academically and socially. Every child can learn to lead. And our program is designed to help each of our students find a fitting path to character, intellect, and leadership.

Small Class Sizes

Our small class sizes give teachers the ability to focus on each individual student. The uniqueness of each student is recognized and fostered, helping to grow their self-esteem so they can reach their true potential in the classroom, stage, or athletic arena.

Exceptional Education

We strive to develop critical thinking and reasoning to prepare our students for their college years and beyond. From pre-kindergarten to their senior year, we guide their curiosity and fuel their desire to learn through discovery and project-based learning. Textbooks are not our only resource. Through technology-enhanced lessons, research papers, interdisciplinary projects, and immersive studies, our students are challenged to apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios.  

At Carlisle School, students not only excel in the classroom but in all areas of development from arts and athletics to civic-mindedness and leadership. Starting in the Lower School, students take part in specialty classes on music, STEAM, dance, science, and Spanish. As the students progress through the grades, they are given more varied choices in their extracurricular options, allowing them to explore their interests and develop a deeper understanding of a particular subject.


In addition to physical education classes that begin in pre-kindergarten, team sports are offered on both junior varsity and varsity levels. Our athletics program is not exclusive. No previous experience or try-outs are necessary, giving students the freedom to find their niche. The same applies to the arts at Carlisle School. No student will be turned away from participating in a play, the band or choir. All doors are open to our students, allowing them to thrive.


Carlisle School graduates go on to distinguish themselves at the very finest colleges and universities. The skills and traits they develop while attending our school serve them well as they seek opportunities to contribute to their communities as adults.

Come Join Our Family

Discover the difference that Carlisle School will make for your family by contacting our Admissions Office at (276) 632-7288, ext. 242, or via email at admissions@carlisleschool.org. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Carlisle School Family.